OmiX Labs has developed noval technology to detects infectious pathogen DNA from direct blood or urine (depending on the type of infection) on a disposable kit. This methods amplify the DNA of the pathogens so that they can be detected faster, and in a way that is temperature-stable. This type of testing — called molecular diagnostics — applies molecular biology to medical testing, analyzing DNA, RNA, and other markers to diagnose and monitor disease. OmiX Labs solution is being tested and validated in several hospitals in South India and has the potential to change the face of diagnostic testing throughout the healthcare world. It could mean quicker, more accurate treatment to reduce the risk of complications and death for patients.

In addition to identifying disease-causing pathogens faster and more efficiently, they’re also expanding their platform to address antibiotic resistance. The molecular mechanisms they use look at the gene signatures from the pathogens to identify mutations and resistance to certain types of powerful antibiotics that are typically the last line of defense in ICU settings. And they’re continuing to develop this technology, to simplify the processes and make it even more accurate, more quickly.